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November 2015


Company Presentation

Full Thirteen minute short Periscope Media company presentation. Find out everything about Periscope Media and the incredible business we are in.

Who is Periscope Media?

Born in 2004, California based, Periscope Media LLC., has quickly became the world’s leader in Paid Communication on the internet. Among many other things, Periscope Media has produced a website, which in less than two years became the single most popular individual model website on the entire internet!

The demand for instant and live communication on the internet is constantly growing and with the birth of social media sites like Facebook, a new wave of paid communication over internet has followed.

CONNECTing the dots

Our revolutionary product – Periscope C4ng, is literally connecting all missing dots in the world of internet communication. How many times have you heard the word GENIUS in one day? Our happy Affiliates hear the word GENIUS every single time they talk about our product. Periscope C4ng, is for everyone who likes to spend time on any social media sites, loves to share interests or just loves to make lot’s of money.

We call it Communication 4 New Generation. Find out how simple and GENIUS our product really is.

Real People, Real Results

Our growing team of Global Independent Affiliates love to use and share our product. They know what does it feel like to start making money in just few weeks with Periscope Media. Periscope Media has launched it’s product and compensation plan in June 2014, and there are already happy Affiliates, enjoying brand new Mercedes Benz, courtesy of Periscope Media.

Find out how you can become part of our amazing team, start making money and build your future with Periscope Media.